Thursday, June 16, 2011


  • Over-the-Counter Payment (OTC)
  • ATM Payments
Easy steps to pay VMobile:
  • For OTC payments, proceed to any UnionBank branch.
  • Fill-out a Bills Payment slip (as shown below) in duplicate copies. Once validated by the Teller, you will be given the duplicate copy plus a Transaction Receipt.

    Note that the Payor's Name and the Account #/Card #/Ref # are MANDATORY fields. Use your ID number for these fields. Your payment will be applied by VMobile based from these information.
  • Segregate CHECK from CASH payments. For check payments, indicate the Drawee Bank/Branch and the check number. For cash payments, indicate the denomination and quantity of bills.
  • If you have an account with UnionBank, and wish to pay via Debit-to-account, fill-out the Account Number field found at the upper right portion of the form.
  • For ATM payments, simply enter your PIN number. Choose bills payment from the onscreen MENU and follow the step by step procedures displayed on the screen. (Available to UnionBank ATM machines and Account holders only)
  • For Internet payments, simply log on to your personal account via and choose "BILLS". Follow the simple steps displayed on the screen. (Available to UnionBank account holders only)

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